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La Jolla Artificial Grass

Pro Turf Grass offers La Jolla residents a myriad of choices and products when it comes to luxury artificial turf. If you want the best looking lawn on the block without compromise, then look no further than Pro Turf Grass. Not only can we supply the best product but the best personal care as well.

La Jolla Artificial Turf Related Facts:

  • La Jolla is the second largest city in California with over 200 neighborhoods and 1.3 million residents. That’s a lot of area, a lot of homes, and opportunities to install synthetic grass.
  • La Jolla is part of a complex environment which requires special water protection needs. Artificial turf offers reduction of water resources, which in turn helps decrease the impact on the surrounding fragile environment.
  • With an average temperature of 70 degrees all year round the typical lawn requires a lot of water in La Jolla. By installing artificial turf you can eliminate that year round water consumption.
  • La Jolla has one of the highest home values in the nation. High priced homes come with high priced landscapes and nothing creates a more attractive landscape than the addition of artificial grass.

About La Jolla

La Jolla offers a unique and luxurious place to live right on the some of the best southern coastline California has to offer. The name “La Jolla” actually comes from the spanish word meaning the jewel. But just as the residents appreciate the finer things in life living in the jewel of socal so do they carry a concern for being sustainable and water wise. The answer to having an environmentally friendly, high class look is artificial grass.


Artificial Grass Installation Services and Products

Landscape Design – Use Pro Turf Grass design services to create the dream luxury La Jolla landscape you’ve always wanted.

Pet Solutions – Treat yourself and your pet to the best grass that is easy to maintain, looks great, and can weather any pet.

Synthetic Turf – Super safe and ecologically responsible, this turf is easy to maintain and looks great! Perfect for La Jolla landscapes.

Hardscaping – Hardscaping is the quintessential compliment to artificial grass installation. Whether it’s a deck, path or patio, our hardscaping services are at your disposal.



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