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La Jolla Artificial Grass

Pro Turf Landscape Solutions offers La Jolla residents a myriad of choices and products when it comes to high quality artificial turf. If you want the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, look no further than Pro Turf Landscape Solutions. We supply the best quality products accompanied by exceptional personal service.

5 Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass at Your La Jolla Residence

  • Aesthetic Appeal. La Jolla is known for its high end real estate and the perfect complement to a luxury home is a spectacular landscape. Artificial turf has come a long way in terms of quality. We offer extremely natural looking synthetic turf which is almost impossible to discern from real grass. With artificial turf, you can be assured of having a gorgeous lawn all year long.


  • Entertainment Value. There are many ways that artificial turf can be incorporated into the overall landscape design. Backyard lawn games are growing in popularity and an increasing number of luxury homeowners are installing artificial grass as part of these amenities. Imagine entertaining your guests with your own personal putting green, a game of bocce ball, croquet, or a giant chess or checker board.  


  • Environmental Sustainability. La Jolla is home to a variety of natural resources including drainages, fragile coastal habitats, and biologically sensitive bluffs and canyons. Preserving these resources is a crucial component of maintaining the high quality of life enjoyed in La Jolla. Artificial turf is the perfect solution to an environmentally-friendly landscape as it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, which are a significant source of water pollution. It also contributes to water conservation since it requires no irrigation. Furthermore, it improves air quality by eliminating the need for gas powered lawn mowers.


  • Great for Slopes and Hillsides. If you have a slope or hillside that is challenging to landscape, artificial turf could be the solution. It can help control erosion and ensure proper drainage. Synthetic grass eliminates the need to install an irrigation system on your hillside. It is also a durable, long-lasting product that requires very little maintenance. Professional installation is the key to ensuring that your fake grass looks beautiful and performs well on a slope. Contact us for more information.


  • Good Investment. Artificial grass pays for itself over time with a reduced water bill, the need for fewer chemicals, and less maintenance. In addition, it contributes significantly to your overall property value.


Check Out Our Products and Installation Services

Pro Turf Landscape Solutions offers a full range of landscape services to enhance your La Jolla property. We specialize in:

  • Landscape Design. Utilize our creative design experts to invent the dream landscape you’ve always wanted. We will listen to your desires and work with you to develop the ideal layout to suit your needs.  


  • Synthetic Turf. Artificial grass is the perfect choice for La Jolla residents who want a beautiful, ecologically responsible, and low-maintenance landscape. We offer the highest quality products. Our turf is made in America, greatly resembles the look of natural grass, and is built to last.


  • Artificial Turf for Dogs. Artificial grass offers many benefits to pet owners. It is healthier in that it does not require toxic chemicals to maintain and does not harbor pests such as fleas and ticks. It is also hypoallergenic, so your dog won’t suffer from common grass allergies. In wet conditions, your dog won’t track in mud and your house will remain pristine. Furthermore, it stays green regardless of how often your pet urinates on it.


  • Hardscaping. Complement your artificial grass with sophisticated hardscape features. Whether it’s a deck, pavers, path or patio, our hardscaping services will greatly enhance your landscape design.


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La Jolla Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass, La Jolla, CA


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