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Can You Have Artificial Turf If You Have Dogs?

Keeping a yard alive is practically a full-time job in itself, but when you add dogs and their grass-killing urine to the mix, a green lawn can seem downright impossible. The switch to artificial turf is overlooked by many homeowners because they assume that their pets will only enjoy running around on a living lawn.

However, artificial turf may work even better for your dogs than high-maintenance live turf if you choose the right type. Find out why dogs and artificial turf get along so well after a short initial period of adjustment.

Attractive to Use

Dogs that were trained to only relieve themselves on grass and dirt may treat artificial turf like it’s your favorite rug at first and refuse to go on it. However, a few simple training tricks help even stubborn dogs learn that they are allowed to treat your turf as their own bathroom.

Once a dog is accustomed to using artificial turf, some owners report that their pets prefer it over live grass. Dogs aren’t distracted by smells from other animals and insects that have passed over the spot recently, and they no longer have to dig instead of staying focused on relieving themselves.

You may also find that you can let your dog go out on rainy days once they learn the artificial turf isn’t full of puddles and mud.

Easy to Clean

Artificial turf is designed to let rainwater run right through the surface and down to the crushed stone base beneath, and thankfully, dog urine does the same thing. This eliminates the brown spots caused in live grass by your dog’s bathroom breaks and leaves you with limited clean up required to keep your yard looking good.

Fecal matter does require removal from artificial grass, but most dog owners already do this to keep their yards clean and free from surprises as they take a stroll.

Unless you have to wait to clean up after your dog because of rain, you don’t have to work more to scoop a poop from artificial turf than on living grass. In fact, many homeowners prefer knowing they can sanitize the artificial turf after each use without harming living plants with cleaning chemicals.

Tough to Last

Artificial turf is often thought of as somehow more delicate and easily damaged than a living lawn. This leads to the avoidance of the material when a homeowner knows their dogs are large, playful, and even downright rowdy.

However, artificial turf is designed with heavy use in mind, and pet-friendly turf products in particular can definitely stand up to your dog’s daily playtime routine. Digging, jumping, running, and flopping around will not flatten the grass blades or tear the connective backing.

Safe to Use

No matter how much your dog loves your current lawn, the grass likely has at least one kind of pest. Live grass offers the ideal environment for fleas, ticks, and many other pests that can irritate your dog’s skin and transmit serious diseases. Artificial turf may save you money on monthly flea and tick preventatives.

Live grass also flowers, even if you can’t exactly see the resulting blooms. Those flowers release some of the most irritating pollen found around your average home, setting off allergy symptoms in both dogs and their owners.

For a dog with serious pollen allergies, an artificial lawn is likely the safest choice. Artificial turf also doesn’t require pesticides and other chemicals, reducing the chance of life-threatening chemical exposure.

Made to Match

Finally, not all artificial turf products are the same. Some turfs are designed specifically with dogs and other pets in mind. These turfs tend to be a little softer and more resilient so the blades are comfortable on even the smallest paws. Extra durability prevents damage from a determined digger, while some manufacturers even add special ingredients to reduce any potential urine odor.

Start the process of replacing your struggling live lawn with a beautiful artificial turf installation by calling us at ProTurf Landscape Solutions. Not only do we offer installation, but we can also provide you with routine maintenance to keep your artificial turf looking its best.

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